LA ESCUELA DE LA VOZ places the act of singing as an act of well-being. Because we think that the more we sing the better we do it and the better we are.

Singing is good. Socializing singing adds a share of harmony to life.

Our Director, Lea Bensasson, is an entrepreneur and artist. She has profiled herself as someone with a care of the artistic, quality and creativity; and a sensitive and understandable communication for all, always aiming to bring new audiences and make people understand the importance of music in people’s lives. Her passage through a couple of experiences as a jury in television realities related to singing in prime-time on TV; more than a decade as a member of the Vocal Quartet La Otra (female formation of popular music sung a-capella); a decade singing backvocals with Ruben Rada; and the participation with her voice in the Official Carnival Contest in Montevideo on several occasions; took her to the opening of LA ESCUELA DE LA VOZ in 2015.

The school offers group and individual singing lessons. Guitar and piano lessons are also taught, trying to ensure that students acquire knowledge of harmony and can be accompanied themselves when singing. It has special activities during the year, such as BROADWAY CAMP (Intensive Musical Comedy Seminar for Children and Adolescents); the FESTIVAL DE LA VOZ (Contest of new Interpreters and Authors), MES DE LA NOSTALGIA (Open Classes interpreting songs from before) and MUSICA HASTA EL TECHO (Singing Show at the RoofTop with presence of parents and consecrated artists).

The prestige and excellent performance of the teachers involved, and the trust framework that inspires the location of the school and its facilities, have earned it great acceptance since its opening. Lovers of music and / or art in general, of all ages and genres find in LA ESCUELA DE LA VOZ the possibility of acquiring technical tools for singing, and / or approaching a professional artistic framework.

Training, recreation, sociability and opportunities in the most beautiful corner of Punta Carretas.

LA ESCUELA DE LA VOZ, 598 Williman St., 11300 Montevideo-Uruguay.