Uruguayan singer and songwriter with more than twenty years on stage and recording studios.

With two independent albums released (“No Son Rosas”, 2011 and “Buena Fortuna”, 2019) she has developed a quality multi-faceted artist career that has earned her the love of the people and the recognition of specialized critics.

Her album “No Son Rosas” was nominated for the Graffitti Awards in the category “Best Author Song Album” in 2012. The song that gives title to the album was chosen as the soundtrack of the play “Del Amor y Otras Histerias” , directed by the Colombian Paul Caballero in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her song “Prudencia” integrates the first compilation of authors “Uruguayas Campeonas” edited by Lulú Records in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She has toured the world as backvocalist of the Uruguayan artist Ruben Rada for more than a decade, with whom she recorded her voice on a dozen of his albums. She also participated in recordings and live shows with Fernando Cabrera, Kevin Johansen, Javier Malosetti, Leo Masliah, Francis Andreu, Hugo Fattoruso, Repique, Jorge Schellemberg, Tabaré Cardozo, Zambayonny, Diego Savoretti and Pitufo Lombardo, among others.

She was a vocalist and co-author on the musical project “Rada Para Niños” with Horacio Buscaglia and Ruben Rada. The songs of this project – which remained more than ten years in the Montevidean billboards to full venues, also performing seasons in Buenos Aires and Córdoba, Argentina – are taught in all the schools of their country and are embodied in five albums and two DVDs ´s live.

She was part of “La Otra, Cuarteto Vocal”, with whom she released two albums and made presentations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay for a decade. She was a member of the women’s murga “Cero Bola” in its only participation in the Official Carnival Contest in Montevideo.

Her taste for candombe led her to participate three years of the award-winning troupe “Yambo Kenya”, and share scenarios and recordings with the most representative figures of the genre: Lobo Nuñez, Eduardo Da Luz, Noé and Fernando Nuñez, Darío Píriz, Aníbal Pintos , Elbio Olivera and Cheché Santos.

She has participated in the musical comedy “El Violinista en el Tejado” in Montevideo and was part of the cast of “Matilda, El Musical” as singer and actress. She is the author of the lyrics of the songs included in the adaptation for the Rio de la Plata of the play “Yentl” nominated for the 2019 Florencio Awards.