I´ve studied Communication Sciences at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay; the career of Arts, Music & Entertainment Management, in Liverpool – UK, with a scholarship from the LIPA Institute (Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts) directed by Paul MacCartney, and Cultural Management at the Itaú Foundation, Montevideo.

In 1993 I made my first international production, with the Brazilian singer Alcione. This was the beginning of a succession of successful international productions – mostly from Brazil (Djavan, Ivan Lins, Titás, Hermeto Pascoal).

At that time I began working on aspects of production with uruguayan musicians Jorge Schellemberg, Claudio Taddei and La Abuela Coca.

In 1995, I was invited to the program “La Sed y el Agua”, on Channel 5 (National Television), to be part of a debate on Uruguayan music. There I met Ruben Rada, with whom I crystallized an agreement to prepare his definitive return to Uruguay after more than 12 years of absence.

With the release of his album “Montevideo” at the Teatro Solís, in two memorable concerts, I began my career as Manager in uruguayan music. Rada invited me to join his new band as a vocalist.

As a singer, I´ve performed in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

As a manager, I´ve built a path that led Rada to great recognition and to be the first Uruguayan artist honored with the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the Latin Grammy Academy, in 2011.

I founded the Zapatito Discos record label in 1998 and La Otra Cuarteto Vocal, a four singers a cappella project that recorded two albums. I have participated as Executive Producer of more than a dozen albums in Uruguay.

Also produced Ruben Rada’s experiences on radio and I have been the articulator of his reintegration into the television media as a program conductor, and as the protagonist of fictions in Uruguay and Argentina. I have also conducted with excellence his activities in the area of ​​advertising and cinema.

Together with Horacio Buscaglia and Ruben Rada, I created the “Rada Para Niños” project in 1999. Since the beginning of this project, Rada and Buscaglia songs are taught in every school all over the country. I was responsible for the development of songwriter Jorge Drexler’s career in Uruguay, from his album “Llueve” to his album “Sea” inclusive.

I was settled for eight years in Argentina where I joined the management of the argentines Adrian Iaies, Javier Malosetti, Ramiro Mussotto and Gustavo Cordera, with whom he traveled by all of Argentina and Latin America.

In Buenos Aires I worked at Pelo Music and years later I´ve been Sales Manager at Sony Music on the occasion of the opening of his booking agency “Day 1”.

During this period, my first solo album No son Rosas was released. With my songs I opened the shows of Buena Vista Social Club (Cuba), Ana Belén & Victor Manuel (España), Martinho Da Vila (Brazil) and Pedro Guerra (Islas Canarias) in Montevideo. In 2016 I released a new format of songs with humor, which I like to define as “SingUp”.

Since my return to Uruguay, in 2011, I´ve added several projects in Montevideo and around the country: the ‘Uruguay Mas Musica’ Festival (with the participation of the Brazilian Chico César), “Dandy, un Hamlet de Carnaval” (by Horacio Ferrer), Yambo Kenya ( as singer and producer), Yentl (musical theater as manager and author of the lyrics of the songs).

I was part of the cast of the musicals “The Violinist on the Roof” and “Matilda” as a singer and actress.

The TV summoned me in first person participating as Jury of the programs “El Casting de La Tele” (Ideas del Sur, Argentina), “Pequeños Gigantes”, “Yo Me Llamo” and “Yo Me Llamo 2” (Teledoce, Uruguay).

In 2015 I founded La Escuela de la Voz, a well-being endeavor that helps people incorporate singing into their lives as a tool for happiness.

I have also been convened as a speaker for the “Mañanas con Líderes” cycle in Punta del Este, Uruguay; also for the “Meeting of Cultures” in Nueva Helvecia, Uruguay; “Cult-Up” at the Cultural Center of Spain, Uruguay and by the Dove (Unilever) brand for its “I Dove Me” motivational talks event at the Sodre Auditorium, Montevideo Uruguay.

I performed as a Curator of the first two editions of the International Fair of Social Innovation (FIIS) in Montevideo. In addition, I´ve carried out teaching activities in the Bachelor’s degrees and Techniques of Cultural Management of the CLAEH, ORT and Itaú Foundation institutes.

I was selected by the newspaper “El Observador” as one of the 50 influential Uruguayan women, who stand out in their work.

My second solo album Buena Fortuna was released in 2020 for the Montevideo Music Group label.